Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Protecting Your Devices

As the world is trying to get the hang of balancing multiple electronic devices in their daily lives, hackers are using the infancy of this technology to their advantage. Mobile devices such as cell phones, tablets, and other media devices are quickly becoming a standard in our lives today, but we are only slowly beginning to learn how to use these devices safely and protect our information.

Advanced persistent threats, native to PC computers, are beginning to show up on tablets more and more often these days. Hackers realize that all the same personal information we keep and use on our personal computers, are also on our electronic mobile devices as well. This is a good thing for hackers, as these mobile devices are relatively simple in their programming and not as well protected as a computer with malware protection, therefore it is much easier for them to extract your personal data.

While tablets and phones have basic browser protection and security walls in place, they are basic in nature, and simply cannot fend off all malicious attacks. This being said, since we are only in the infancy stages of mobile device's lifetime, we must take much more care in what personal information we access and place on our devices. Until sufficient protection is developed to protect our smartphones, tablets, and readers, the majority of personal security comes from our own actions.

With luck, advances will be made in mobile device security, and we can all breathe a bit easier in storing information on these devices. However, until that time, it is simply up to us.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Embedded Applications and Computers

What is an embedded computer? Simply, it is a computer that is designed for specific functions and is usually installed as the "brain" of a mechanical device. Think of an auto manufacturing plant, filled with robotic arms and devices that are repeatedly performing the same pre-programmed function.

Lacking the sort of flexibility inherent in a personal computer or laptop, the computer is limited to what it can do, and its functions are 100% customized.

Many industries may need embedded single board computers for many different reasons. The industrial-military complex uses these types of computers quite often, though specifics of what these computers can do is usually kept top secret.

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